Biker Prescription Sunglasses Prescription insert glasses Eyewear - Spektrax Interchangeable lens Goggles

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Prescription motorcycle glasses with glasses insert -Spektrax Interchangeable Goggles

Spectrax glasses insert biker glasses is ideal for riders requiring prescription lenses, this eyewear converts smoothly from sunglass to goggles with the included detachable strap. CAN ALSO BE USED WITHOUT GLASSES INSERT- You may need the inserts later!! saves Repurchase of glasss insert style..
The removable prescription insert fits securely between the shatter-resistant polycarbonate lens and the anti-impact frame which is lined with open cell foam. Excellent peripheral vision is produced from the curved, single-lens geometry. For continued activity through the day and night, the three lens options of anti-fog smoked, amber and clear are included.

Take the prescription insert to your optician to get you own prescription fitted,  this can then be inserted into the frame.

No more messing with over the glasses goggles !