Racing Optics Tearoffs Simpson Diamond Back, Super Bandit , RX and Raider Helmets SA2005

Simpson Race Products
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Simpson Helmet Racing Optics 4 stacks of 7 tear offs

For Simpson Diamond Back, Super Bandit, RX and Raider Helmets

Simpson helmet Racing Optics 4 stacks of 7 tear offs

Available in Clear, Hi Contrast Amber or Smoke Tint

The SpeedStack™ 7 is a stack of 7 laminated tearoffs that are 2 mil thick each. The laminated technology creates a distortion-free optical lens. Eack package contains 4 stacks of 7 tearoffs for a total of 28 tearoffs. Our AmberStack™ is a high-contrast amber tint that provides enhanced vision in misty or rainy conditions.

Easily fitted onto visors and located onto the fitted bobbins. These are ideal for long distance races or other events where the visor is exposed to dirt and contamination. During use, the outer strip is torn off, restoring a clear view.

2mm laminated tearoffs

11.5"  between Posts